Sew Ambassador Project

SEW Inc is a social enterprise and registered Australian charity that partners with women in developing economies. Our mission is to create opportunities for the chronically ill, including those with HIV. 

The women we work with are accomplished seamstresses. We originally produced hand-made conference bags and accessories from recycled plastic for a range of events and conferences. Our clients have included Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Oxfam, the University of Cambridge, the Victorian Bar, Amnesty International and the United Nations Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted us to adjust our business to provide a critical service. Our focus has been on the manufacture and delivery of protective masks to at-risk communities in East Africa. 

This project relies on Australian students gatherings $5 donations for SEW to produce face masks. This donation covers the cost of making the mask, and thereby provides both a job to the manufacturer and a gift to those in need of PPE. To date, over 1000 masks have been provided to the local community in Tanzania and to neighbouring Kenya. 

As a registered charity with DGR tax status SEW ensures that all funds benefit the women we partner with. There are no administration fees in Australia.

School Ambassador Project

The SEW Ambassador Program is aimed at high school students who want to join SEW’s mission to create sustainable employment for women who face discrimination in the workforce and lessen the impact of Covid-19 in developing economies.

SEW Ambassadors have the unique opportunity to make a real difference to the lives of East-Africans who are affected by the devastating and ongoing impact of COVID-19.

The SEW Ambassador role encourages students to confront pandemic inequity and become part of the global effort to eradicate the virus. They will draw on their own experience with face masks and lockdown, and communicate the need for global solidarity at this time.

The following describes the core role of a SEW Ambassador:

  1. SEW Ambassadors are the point of contact at their school and will lead the drive for student engagement.
  2. SEW Ambassadors will help us reach our collective target of 10,000 masks by the end of the year.
  3. To do so, SEW Ambassadors will encourage fellow students to ‘sign-up’ to our campaign, aiming to engage at least 50 fellow-students. Individual students who join the campaign will seek to secure $5 donations for at least 5 masks, donating a total of AUD $25 to SEW.
  4. SEW Ambassadors will encourage students to share their fundraising on social media.

SEW Ambassadors will join an energetic and supportive team of early career professionals. They will hone their leadership and networking skills, and gain first-hand experience at grassroots fundraising.

If you would like to apply to become a SEW Ambassador, please fill out the form below!